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Journey Of Hope


Journey Of Hope is a daring experience carrying a global humanitarian and heartfelt message for the benefit of those with intellectual disability. Under the Patronage of H.H. Sheik Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah the Amir of The State of Kuwait, at 12p.m. On thefirst quarter of year 2014 a sailing expedition will begin from Kuwait heading towards Washington D.C. and back with the sole purpose of raising awareness of its cause and spreading its message. We hope that everyone will support this great journey.


Board of Trustees


Mr. Faisal Mohamed Alhaji
Mrs. Nouria AlSabih
Mr. Barges Al-Barges
Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Awadi
Mr. Mohamed Abdulah Abualhasan
Mr. Hassan Al-Ibraheem
Mr. Khalifa Alwugayan
Mrs. Sheikha Abdulah Alkhalifa Al-Sabah
Mr.Yousef Abdulhamid Aljasem
Captain Fiasal Thunayan Al-Ghanim
Mrs. Rehab Burosli
Mr. Badi Aldusari
Mr. Jasem AlRushaid Albader
Mr. Khalid Alkandari
Director of Operations in the Kuwaiti Navy
Dr. Moudi Alhmoud

Special Team


Mrs. Rehab Burosli
Honorary Team Leader
Mr. Badi Aldusari
Vice Chairman
Mr. Jasem AlRushaid Albader
Khaled AlAsfour
Khalid AlZaid 
 Adel AlMusfir
 Hashem Nushad
                Khaled Badi AlDusary


                Mishaal Jasem AlRushaid


Journey Implementations


Objectives of the Journey:

To illustrate Kuwait's approach, advancement and care dedicated to those suffering from intellectual disablities.
To bring awareness to the extraordinary abilities of the intellectually disabled at performing heroic acts
To unify people of all cultures and religions towards a collective effort to care for and benefit those with intellectual disability everywhere
To draw attention to the importance of social responsibility and that communities can support the needs of the intellectually disabled.
To strive towards elimination of home isolation cases
To educate the masses on how the intellectually disabled can be integrated into the community by refining their skills and talents.
To assist parents overcoming difficulties in dealing with their intellectualy disabled children, this includes support with psychological problems that they can be faced with having a newborn with intellectual disability.
To highlight the achievements and talents of the intellectualy disabled in anattempt to raise their confidence and change the misconceptions of their capabilities held by the masses.
To introduce voluntary entities that specialize in the care of the intellectualydisabled and support the continuation of their efforts
To disseminate the concepts and importance of the volunteering efforts, highlightingtheir impacts in an attempt to encourage the masses to participate.
To illustrate the positive impacts and cultural value added when the support ofgovernment agencies and private organizations are put into practice.
To encourage campaigns that support pre-marital screening.


Journey Implementation:

The Special Team will design the vessel that will be used on the journeyin compliance with strict international specifications and standards in all technical aspects.
All tasks included in the implementation will be carried out by members of the team themselves.
Funding is generated mainly from the community itself (individuals, organizations, private companies and NGO’s)


Associated Journey Objectives:

  1. To launch local and overseas campaigns collecting donations for the benefit of community organizations and associations which sponsor and support those affected by intellectually disabled illnesses. These campaigns will be active before, during and after the journey.
  2. To orchestrate a series of celebratory events beginning with one honoring the start of the journey then at intervals in all ports en route. These events will be organized in co-ordination with relevant international organizations.
  3. To arrange local, regional and international media coverage of the journey from its start to its return to Kuwait, In co-operation with our sponsors, coverage will be promotional in nature and will be implemented by experts and specialists in the field of advanced public relations and media.


Honorary Figures



Dr. Anas AlRushaid

(Former Minister of Information and Professor of Media at Kuwait University)


Anwar AlNouri 
(Former Minister of Education and Former Minister of Health)

Dr. Hassan Al-Ibraheem
(Former Minister of Education and the Chairman of the Kuwait Society for the Advancement of Arab Children)
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Hamad Al-Khalif
(Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Kuwait) 


                Walid Khaled Aljari

(Former member of the Kuwait National Assembly)



Jasem Khaled AlSadoun

(Chairman of Shal Investment Company)



                Faisal Mohamed Al-Haji

(Former Deputy Prime Minister and State Minister of Cabinet Affairs)



Sheik Thamer Jaber AlAhmad AlSabah 
(Undersecretary of the Diwan of His Highness the Prime Minister)


                Yousef Abdulhameed AlJasem

(Media Professional and CEO of 6/6 for Media Services Company)


Mr. Marzouq AlGhanim
(member of the Kuwait National Assembly.)

Mr. Naif Abdulah AlRukaibi
(Local Affairs Undersecretary of the Prime Minister’s Office.)

Mr. Ahmad Lary
(Former member of the Kuwait National Assembly.)


Mr. Saif Ali AlHajri
(Vice Chairman of The Qatar Foundation.)


Mr. Ahmad Abdullah

 Mr. Abdulaziz Khaled Al-Mufarej
(Chairman of the Kuwaiti Artists Association.)

Reveren Emanuel Binyamin Gharib
(Pastor and Chairman of the National Anglican Church Board.)

Mrs.Rehab Mohamed AlBrousli
(Chairman of the Kuwaiti Association of the Parents of the Disabled.)


Mr. Ghanim Al-Najjar
(Professor of Political Science at Kuwait University.)


Mr. Fatima Bint Mohamed AlBloushi
(Former Minister of Social Development in the Kingdom of Bahrain)


Mr. Bader Ibrahim AlShibani
(Professor of Education at Kuwait University.)


Mr. Khaled AlMihtar
(President of the National Development and Rehabilitation Center (Beirut) and Vice President of the International Center for Rehabilitation  (Arab Region))

D.R.Moussa Charafeddine
(President Inclusion International MENA Region)